Bus Evacuation Drill Report


Text Box: The standard for real drills is to completely evacuate the bus within 2 minutes.  Drivers shall follow the evacuation strategies in the Pupil Transportation Management Manual published by the Department of Education.


Name of School _____________________________________________________

Principal ___________________________________________________________

Bus Number ____ Number of Students _____ Weather Conditions ______________

Date of Drill ________ Time of Drill ________ Time Taken to Evacuate __________

Number of Students Using the Following:

Crutches ____ Wheelchairs _____ Other special needs; please specify ____________


Check Type of Evacuation Procedure

Front __ Rear__ Side__ Front and Rear __ Front and Side__ Rear and Side __ Front, Rear and Side ___

Emergency Window, Hatches and Windshield Evacuation Instruction ____________________________

Drill was conducted by: Principal/Designee ____ Bus Driver ____ Central Office Designee _____

Comments (Include any comments about safety or problems encountered during the drill) ______



For each drill, the Principal/Designee shall complete and keep on file this form and provide a copy(ies) to the Superintendent/Designee as required.

______________________________________                _______________________

    Signature of Principal/Designee                                                        Date

______________________________________                _______________________

    Signature of Bus Driver                                                                    Date

______________________________________                _______________________

    Signature of Central Office Designee                                                Date

Send back to Transportation Director